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Sutherland is a mostly residential neighbourhood in east-central Saskatoon, nestled between the expansive University of Saskatchewan campus lands and an industrial area & company town beside the CPR railyards. In 1907 CPR built its yards and station three miles (5 km) east of Saskatoon, and workers' homes were built close-by.

In 1956, the town of Sutherland was annexed by Saskatoon and was the city's easternmost neighbourhood until the 1970s when the city grew even further east. The community's streets had to be renamed to avoid confusion with identically-named streets already in Saskatoon, so Sutherland's 11th Street became 115th Street. University of Saskatchewan Hopital


Sutherland has a public elementary in the north and a Catholic elementary (a Ukrainian bilingual school) in the south, as well as a public library. T he community is home to the West Co-Op College and is adjacent to the U of S campus, with excellent road access.

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The commercial activity is located along its main street, Central Avenue and clustered between 108th and 115th Streets. Recently built stores and big-box outlets in the nearby University Heights and Preston Crossing offer more shopping variety in the area. Sutherland Forestry Station Trees


The neighbourhood is dotted with small parks, and the ACT Arena is an indoor ice rink. The area is prized for its proximity to the U of S campus, which is home t the Greystone There, The Diefenbaker Canada Centre, Biology Museum, Snelgrove Art Gallery, St Thomas More Art Gallery Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame, and for athletes, the Rutherford Rink, Griffiths Stadium and the sports fieldhouse.


Sutherland is an older suburb with a combination of single-family houses and multiple-unit apartment and semi-detached dwellings and owner occupancy rate of 45%. The average home value here is about 205,000 (2006)

Community Map

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