<$DEFINE NAME="title">Mount Royal, Westmount, Mayfair - Saskatoon neighbourhoods<$/DEFINE> <$DEFINE COMPILE NAME="contenttitle">Mount Royal, Westmount, Mayfair - Saskatoon neighbourhoods<$/DEFINE> <$DEFINE COMPILE NAME="h1"><$/DEFINE> <$DEFINCLUDE NAME="title"> <$X><$DEFINE name="metatags"> <$DEFINE COMPILE NAME="TopMenu"><$INCLUDE FILE="../layout/_TopMenu-SK.asp"><$/DEFINE> <$INCLUDE file="../layout/Meta-Home.asp"> <$INCLUDE file="../layout/Meta-SK-Sas.asp"> <$INCLUDE compile file="../layout/RSAC.asp"><$/DEFINE> <$define name="OAS_query">OAS_query = movingincanada+travel+homes+SK';<$/define> <$DEFINE compile name="navmenu">Moving in Canada: to Saskatchewan<$/DEFINE> <$/X><$DEFINCLUDE compile name="metatags"><$X> <$DEFINE compile name="Breadcrumb">Home > Moving to Saskatchewan > Towns > Saskatoon > Neighbourhoods ><$/DEFINE> <$DEFINE COMPILE NAME="LeftMenu"><$INCLUDE compile file="../layout/SaskatoonHomeSearch.asp"><$/DEFINE> <$/X><$include compile file="../layout/AdGear/AdGear-SK-Saskatoon.asp"> <$INCLUDE compile file="../layout/AboveContentProvinces4.asp"> Sands Golf Dome Mount Royal is a triangle-shaped neighbourhood on the west side of Saskatoon, nestled inside Circle Drive west of Idylwyld Drive N and north of 22nd Street W. Mayfair dates back to 1909 and was absorbed into Saskatoon in 1911, and the area's streets are laid out in a neat grid pattern.

John Diefenbaker Saskatoon International Airport3 The community has excellent access to downtown, St Paul's Hospital just to the south, the Saskatoon international airport just to the north, and the industrial employment areas east of Idlewild. Residents have excellent access to out of town recreation via Highway 11 north, 16 west, and 7/14 to the southwest.

There are a number of neighbourhoods (moving east to west from Idylwyld, away from downtown): Caswell Park, Westmount (between Avenue H and Avenue P), Hudson Bay Park and Mount Royal. North of 33rd St W is Mayfair, which is built around Henry Kelsey Mark. This area has a population of 4,300.


The neighborhood consists of 3 Catholic elementary schools, 6 public elementary schools, one public and 1 Catholic secondary school, as well as one public library. Just across Idylwyld is the IAST Kelsey Institute offering a range of post-secondary programs.


There are a number of shopping clusters in the community with grocery stores along 22nd and 33rd, with larger shopping centres to the west at Confederation Park, or to the south at Midtown Plaza in the downtown. St Vincent Of Lering Orthodox Church


The community has a number of larger parks, including a chain of parks just east of Avenue The 5 acre A.H. Browne Park has a summertime water play feature, a baseball diamond, soccer/football field, and a toboggan hill. The larger Riverside Kiwanis Park also has recreational fields and playground, the Sifton Park to the west is home to Persephone Theatre. There are tow running tracks beside the area's two high schools, and just to the east of the community along Idylwyld Dr N.are the Henry Bailey Aquatic Centre, The Sands Golf Dome, the YMCA, and the Centennial Auditorium.


Mayfair has a 70% ratio of owner-occupied homes,

Community Map

More about Saskatoon, from Saskatoon.FoundLocally.com.

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