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Montgomery Place, is a post-World War II community erected for veterans and consists primarily of residential homes. It was amalgamated within the city of Saskatoon in 1956. This area lies south of 11Street W and west of Dundonald Ave and surrounded on the east, west and south by rail & industrial lands and the former AgPro Grain Terminal. The streets are named for key World War II battles and historical figures.

Neighbourhood planning indicates further expansion to the west of Chappell Drive, converting light industrial land to residential development , and adding residential development north of 11th Street to the east of the grain terminal.


The neighbourhood is served by a public elementary and a Catholic elementary school.


The 400 store Confederation Suburban Center is the closest large retail center and a new Blairmore suburban Center is under construction.


Gordon Howe park fastball field

The community has a number of small and midsized parks, one with a curling rink. The Poplar Bluff canoe launch on the South Saskatchewan River is about 4 km south of this neighbourhood.


Originally the majority of homes were constructed for World War Two veterans, but recent redevelopment has bumped up hmoe prices. Montgomery Place has an average home selling price was $198,582 (2006), with an 87% home ownership ratio.

Community Map

More about Saskatoon, from Saskatoon.FoundLocally.com.

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