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Fairhaven is a neighbourhood, that lies between 22 St St W and 11th St West, west of Circle Drive. This area was developed starting in the mi-1970s and was largely completed by 1985. Many of the streets are named for past prominent city officials and councillors. The western part of the community, once called "Fairhaven West", is now called Parkridge.


Fairhaven and Parkridge. Have two public elementary and two Catholic elementary schools, with a public library nearby, northwest of the Confederation Park Mall. Mount Royal High School is to the east, across Circle Drive


There are community strip malls at the north and south ends of Fairlight Dr at 22nd and 11th, repectively. The Confederation Suburban Centre is to the north.


These neighbourhoods have a number of midsized parks, with the 21 acre Herbert S. Sears Park(named for the 1970s mayor) has a pond.


The neighbourhood is mostly mid-sized 1970s era single-family owner-occupied housing.

Community Map

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