Valley East - Sudbury, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

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Valley East, was an independent town from 1973 to 2000, during which time it grew to a population of over 22,000. in 2007. It was amalgamated into Greater Sudbury (now parts are included in Wards 5 and 6). This community also includes the Blezard Valley, Hanmer, Val Caron (which includes Flake, Guilletville, Laurentian and McCrea Heights), Val Therese, and Elmview. Val Therese is an important francophone community, with both French and English schools


The former city has an important francophone community. It houses two francophone secondary schools, as well as two anglophone secondary schools, the second of which opened after the amalgamation into Greater Sudbury.


There are small grocery stores in Val Caron (Main & Desmarais) and Parkwood (Elmview & #80).


The Valley East Community Theatre[1] was founded in 1998 by Marcel Gauthier and Ron Babbin. The theater group has staged over 15 productions. There is a golf course in Val Caron, and the Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf course (famous for its dinosaur sculptures) just southwest of Val Caron.


This area is mostly (88%) single family homes, in either urban (small town) or rural acreage settings. The homes in Valley East are younger than most in Sudbury, with a majority being built since 1971, and about 15% built since 1990.

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