St John's Central, Pippy Park, East End, Doyle's - St John's, Newfoundland neighbourhoods and nearby communities

This area is the central part of St John's between the harbour and CA Pippy Park, roughly between Portugal Cove Rd in the north and Mundy Pond in the south. This area include the old and historic downtown, with its many brightly coloured wooden houses, as well as the newer areas around Churchill Square near the University, and the Baird, closer to the Avalon Mall. The area around Churchill Square has a great location, begin walking distance from both downtown and the university with a number of homes undergoing renovations.

This part of St John is 5-8 km from the airport, and can get fast access to the Trans-Canada via the #2 Pitts Memorial Expressway. The MUN Health Sciences Centre is on the west of the area and the Grace General is on the east side, closer to downtown.


There are 12 public elementary schools, 2 Catholic elementary schools as well as four high schools in the community: Prince of Wales, Booth Memorial, and for Catholic students Bishops and Holy Heart of Mary. This part of St Johns is the location of Memorial University of Newfoundland ("MUN"), the MUN Marine Institute and Cabot College of Applied Technology. The area has a number of libraries, including public, University and the provincial Archives. Downtown St John's has many colourfully painted homes like these


This area is serviced by the downtown shopping district though Cabot mall is just to the north and Avalon Mall, the provinces' largest is just to the south west. Views of St John's Harbour


This area has a number of swimming pools, indoor and out. The western edge is CA Pippy Park, with its golf course, Fluvariusm campgrounds, ponds and recreational trails that form part of St John's' Grand Concourse Walkways network. Most of the city's historical attractions are in this part of town, and the Mile One Stadium, which is home to the St John's Maple Leafs and major concert venue. The Empire 12 Cinema is in the Avalon Mall and the Empire 5 Mount Pearl is a few km to the southwest. The busy St John's nightlife along George street is in this area as well.

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