Moving In Canada: Complete Guide to neighbourhoods and buying a home!

Owning your own home isevery family's Canadian Dream. Moving In Canada is designed to help people choose a neighbourhood (starting with the City List at right), then find a local realtor, home and mover, buy and sell your home, move your household, make the trip, and get settled in. We even have information to help you immigrate and move to Canada

>Moving is now as simple as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

> 1. Pick a city

Select a CITY at right, or PROVINCE above, and begin exploring options.

Review MLS listings

> 2.Select a neighbourhood

View info & maps about schools, shopping, recreation and homes.

> 3.Pick a realtor

Find the perfect home

Use the local search for realtors or FSBO services

> 4.Pick a mover

and make the move

Use the local search for movers. Check the Moving Hotlist for key utilities contacts.

Once you have looked at your community, and reviewed our info about specific neighbourhoods, you can now get down to the "nitty gritty" of home shopping, taking advantage of the professional services of a local realtor, do doing some legwork yourself using "FSBO" (for sale by owner) resources. And once you have found a home, you can plan your move & movers, whether across the street, across town or across Canada. 

Whether moving in your community, city, province, we've got COAST-TO-COAST Moving information & tips. We have lots of information about the drive there, usually along the Trans-Canada Highway.

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Submit your community information

Community Economic Development Offices: Pleased add your community profile to this website, via the Feedback Form, and we will be in touch with you.

Submissions should include information equivalent to the info we have written for other communities and neighbourhoods, and include these headings: Overview (history, transportation, industries), Shopping (key malls and shopping districts in-town and nearby), Schools (K-12, libraries, post secondary access), Recreation (competitive sports, participatory sports, arts, other attractions), Homes (types and ratios, rough price ranges). Include key town web links (city hall, tourism office, economic development agency) as a URL without any HTML coding.

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