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View Royal is a small community, nestled around the top of Esquimalt Harbour and the western side of Portage Inlet. The community was founded on the basis of the fastest way to get to the Portage Inlet and the Gorge connecting to Victoria’s Upper Harbour was via the overland portage.

On the northern edge of the community is the Island Highway giving fast commuter access to other parts of Victoria or Vancouver Island. The Victoria General Hospital is just north of Highway 1. Much of the eastern part of the community is part of the New Songees Indian Reservation, creating a green belt separating it from Esquimalt.

The neighbourghoods that comprise View Royal are Six Mile, Prior Lake, Hospital, and Glentana.


View Royal is so small it has one public school and one community high school.


Shoppers generally head either west to the Colwood Centre or east to the Tillicum Shopping Centre in Saanich.


On the western edge of he community is the large Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre, with fitness facilities for all sports, including swimming, skating, racquet sports, and bicycle racing. There are two golf courses bordering the community: Juan de Fuca to the west and Gorge Vale to the east. Other recreational activities are centred around Portage inlet, with park land on Christie Point in the middle of Portage Inletand the Portage Regional Park beside the town hall.

Community Map

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