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Seafair is a stable, peaceful community located on the western edge of Richmond along the dyke, all lying west of Railway Avenue. Seafair includes a number of neighbourhoods: Quilchena, Seafair, Boyd, Mores, and Monds. The last two are mature with tree-lined streetscapes.


The area is mostly single family residential, with some multi-family housing along Blundell Rd and Francis Rd.


The retail focus of the area is the Seafair Shopping Centre (Francis Rd & No 1 Rd). Hugh Boyd Park view


Seafair has a number of neighbourhood parks scattered around, with Hugh Boyd being the largest with a rec centre, sports fields and a high school. The west side of the community backs on to the West Dyke Trail, and along Railway Ave is a bike trail, and there area a number of parks throughout the community, with West Richmond Community Centre and Pitch & Put located in Boyd Park. To the northwest is the Quilchena Golf Course.


The neighbourhood is served by 5 elementary school, and Hugh Boyd Secondary in the north and Robert McMath in the south. Post-secondary students have a commute to any institution of higher learning.

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