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This is a high-density residential neighbourhoods built around the name-sake shopping centre, the largest in the Greater Vancouver area. The community has excellent SkyTrain transit access (Patterson, Metrotown, and Royal Oak), and has excellent road access into Vancouver. This community includes the Marlborough neighbourhood to the east of Metrotown and Maywood to the south of Metrotown. The density has attracted a range of chain stores & restaurants and entertainment services.


This area is mostly high-rise high-density apartments and condos, with lower density townhouses south of Imperial.


The area is served by an elementary school a public library and Burnaby South public library. Post-secondary students are close to BCIT and can take transit to campuses in Vancouver, New Westminster or to Simon Fraser University.


One word: Metrotown


Metrotown has a number of multi-screen cinemas, an entertainment arcade and other recreational facilities.

City of Burnaby Community Map

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