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This area is uphill from Heritage Mountain and adjoining the boundary with Coquitlam. Noon's Creek is the neighbourhood on the east side of the Creek, while Heritage Woods lies on the west side and above Heritage Mountain, Mountain Meadows is even higher, above David Ave. These are newer homes, many with great scenic views or backing into forests or parkland.


Shopping is clustered around Heritage Mountain Shoppers Village, with more shopping to the east in Coquitlam along the Barnet Highway.


These neighbourhoods are served by two elementary schools and the Heritage Woods Secondary school. Douglas College's Coquitlam campus is just to the east and Simon Fraser University is a significant commute to the west.


The community is criss-crossed by forested ravine parks. Bert Flinn Park (at Heritage Mountain & David) is a mountain bikers' paradise with 138 hectares of largely undeveloped parkland, with extensive unmarked trails along early 1900s logging roadbed, and an off-leash dog walk Cobblestone Lane Homes


These neighbourhoods are mostly single family homes, built on hillsides

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