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Hastings-Sunrise is a mature community that overlooks Burrard Inlet and is just west of the Burnaby municipal boundary (at the Trans-Canada Highway). The most significant feature of the neighbourhood is Hastings Park and the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) grounds. In late summer, the PNE and its amusement park, PlayLand, attract thousands of people (with parking overflowing into area streets). Hastings Park is also home to a horse-racing track and the Pacific Coliseum, a sports & rock concert arena.

The southern part of the neighbourhood is served by the Renfrew and Rupert SkyTrain stations. Some residents find the traffic noise and fumes from the Trans-Canada Highway impact the neighbourhood.


The community has a mix of 1950s single family detached houses, some houses divided into rental units, walk-up apartments and condominiums. The community attract families, single-parent families and professionals.


A variety of shops, restaurants, and services can be found along Hastings.


The community has a number of smaller parks around the neighbourhood. Along the waterfront is New Brighton Park with swimming pool. At East 1st & Rupert Street is Rupert Park, with playground and Pitch & Putt. There is also another pool in Templeton Park.


The community is mature and has 8 elementary schools and two high schools, with a public library to the west and to the south. The East Broadway area is full of post-secondary institutions, including BCIT's Great Northern Way campus, Vancouver Community College's King Edward campus. Burnaby's BCIT is a kilometre east of Boundary Rd.

East Side of Vancouver Community Map

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