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This community was founded back in 1898, when Francis William Caulfeild landed at Skunk Cove (now Caulfield Cove, just east of Lighthouse Park) and created a community in this lush forest setting. The community's focal points are Lighthouse Park for recreation, and Caulfield Shopping Centre (right below the Upper Levels exit 4, at Headland Drive) for shopping needs. The neighbourhood of Cypress Park is below the Upper Levels and Cypress Park Estates is above the Upper Levels and adjacent to Cypress Falls Park.


The closest shopping is the Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre (Headland Drive & Upper Levels). There are more shops and restaurants to the east along Marine Drive, though Park Royal Shopping Centre is the area's major shopping spot.


The community is served by Eagle Harbour and Caulfield elementary schools, and by Rockridge Secondary school.


Roadside Homes in Caulfield

This area has a number of small parks around the community, and a few along the waterfront including Caulfield Park. The major park in the community is the rugged Lightouse Park, with forested trails and great views of the Burrard Inlet. Skiing and other recreational activities are accessed up the hill at Cypress Bowl and in Cypress Provincial Park. Above the Upper Levels are two parks: Cypress Falls Park and Nelson Canyon Park, showcasing the rugged North Shore forests and streams. The neighbourhood is also well-placed for accessing the Vancouver Island Ferries or the "Sea To Sky Highway" #99 up to Whistler.


Most of the homes here are single family detached with a small amount of duplexes or multi-family residences (notable along Marine Drive west of The Dale, and along Alderfield Place and Ashfield Rd). While 30% of the homes predate 1970, about 50% were built in the 1970s to 1980s, and about 20% of the homes since then. New homes are being built along Meadefield Rd.

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