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Hope is located 150 km east of Vancouver, and is at the junction of the Trans-Canada Highway (\#1) Crowsnest Highway (#3), the Coquihalla (#5) and the Lougheed Highway (#7), as well as both the CP and CN rail lines. The community has 6,800 residents with about 10,000 including the surrounding countryside. The dominant industries are logging and travel-tourism,


Homes in the area run $110,000 to $150,000 for single family homes, with condominiums, townhomes and rural acreages available.

Hope's view of the Fraser River bridge


The community is served by the SD #78 Fraser-Cascade (which is the recent amalgamation of SD #32 Hope and SD #76 Agassiz-Harrison) which is responsible for 7 elementary, one secondary, one alternative secondary school and two joint elementary-secondary schools. The Fraser Valley College University (http://www.ucfv.bc.ca/) has a campus in the town.


Shopping in Hope is concentrated along Water Street (the Trans-Canada Highway route through town) and Wallace Street, which bisects the town. Wallace has most of the shops and services of interest to residents

Recreation Centre in Hope


The town has diverse recreation, both in-town and nearby. There is recreation centre in the town with skating rinks, a swimming pool, and a curling rink. Just southeast of town is Manning Provincial Park with downhill and cross country skiing, as well as hiking and mountain biking in the summer.

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