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This part of northeast Saskatoon, east of the Range Road and north of Attridge Dr-McOrmond Dr and Highway 8 (College Drive). University Heights is the neighbourhood between the Saskatoon Zoo and McOrmond Drive, Willow Grove is north east of McOrmond, with the community's main street being Willowgrove Blvd (an extension of eastbound Attridge Rd).

University Heights Suburban Centre is a new neighbourhood located in northeast Saskatoon and developed to combine medium and high-density multiple-unit dwellings with commercial areas and civic facilities. The land was annexed by Saskatoon in the late 1970s, with most construction not started until the late 1990s. Willowgrove was started in 2004 with a mix of single-family homes and multi-family condos, built around a village square (not completed as of time of writing).


At present, no schools exist in Willowgrove, though both the public and separate school boards have stated that they intend to build new schools in the neighbourhood. In the meantime the nearest elementary schools are in Erindale.


Willowgrove has limited (and as yet, unbuilt) commercial development planned around its "village square". The area's main commercial needs are met by businesses in the neighbouring University Heights Suburban Centre. 17 home-based businesses exist in the area.[1] University of Saskatchewan Observatory


The community is close to the 19 acre Silverspring Park and the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo to the east The Forest Farm has grown over 147 million trees planted across the prairies from 1916 to 1966 when the nursery became a city park. The Saskatoon Zoo is located within this park. The Saskatoon Natural Grasslands is a 34 acre preserve for endangered fescue and uncultivated grassland, and there is an interpretive centre with interpreters & nature programs provided by the Saskatoon Nature Society.

These neighbourhoods are close to the Bridge City Speedway which holds various car racing events over the summer racing season.


Willowgrove is a new residential neighbourhood combining single-family detached homes and multiple-unit townhouses with an average value of $220,000;

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