College Park, Wildwood, Briarwood - Saskatoon neighbourhoods

This part of Saskatoon is southeast of College Drive and North Circle Drive, and the Uof S campus. This land was ranched since the 1880s, and there used to be street car line along 8th Street that ran north to Sutherland along Central Avenue. The land was annexed into the city in the late 1950s, with home construction over the years from 1961 into 1980 with many streets name for either Canadian universities or professors. The College Park area is the area north of 8th Street East. College Park designates the area west of McKercher, and College Park East the area east of McKercher.

College Park Mall on 8th Street East

The Wildwood area was annexed in the early 1970s and home construction lasted until about 1980. Wildwood is built adjacent to the Centre at Cirle & 8th mall, and the Wildwood Golf Club. In 1988 the area got the Lakewood Civic Centre and various recreational facilities.. To the east of Foychuck Drive is the community of Briarwood, which has two ponds and is adjacent to the Hillcrest Memorial Gardens (cemetary). Briarwood was farmland owned by Mike Boycuk and Boychuck Construction and was annexed by the city in the 1970 with move building commending in the late 1980s and continuing into the 2000s. In Briarwood, the street names all begin with the letter "B". Lakewood Civic Centre


This part of Saskatoon is well-schooled, with 2 public elementary schools, 2 Catholic elementary schools and a public high school north of 8th Street, and 2 public elementary schools, 2 Catholic elementary schools and a public library (in the Lakewood Civic Centre ) south of 8th Street. The community is close to both the University of Saskatchewan campus and the West Co-op College.


The community is bisected by the east end of the 8th Street business district which includes the Circle Centre Mall on the south side of the street and the College Park Mall on the north side. line There is also neighbourhood plazas on Acadia Drive west of McKercher, and on Borychuck & Laurientian


Center at Circle & Eighth

The community is served by several larger parks: the 16 acre Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Park (with ball diamonds, sports field, outdoor ice rink), 26 acre Sidney L. Buckwold Park (2 schools, 2 sports fields, 3 baseball diamonds, 4 tennis courts, and an outdoor skating rink), 35 acre Wildwood Park (2 schools, 2 sports fields, 4 baseball diamonds, basketball court, and an outdoor skating rink), and 39 acre Lakewood Park with the Lakewood Civic Centre ( indoor pool with waterslide, public library, indoor tennis courts, 2 baseball diamonds), 33 acre Briarwood Park (with lake, ball diamond, sports field and community centre, and wintertime pond skating rink), and 35 acre Lakewood park with natural prairie grassland and a wetland habitat. The Wildwood Golf Course is an 18 hole course that has an intermediate level of play with practice green.


College Park has a mix of single-family detached homes and high-density, multiple-unit townhouses. Home prices average $10,000 (2006) and are 55% owner occupied. College Park East is a middle-income area, with similar mix of homes, and an average value of $160,00 and a 75% owner-occupancy rate.

Wildwood is a a middle-income area, with many townhouses or apartment-style multi-family dwellings, and 60% owner-occupied single-family homes. Average home prices range from $160,000 for a low-rise multi-family condo to $290,000 for a single family house. Briarwood is a middle to high income area, with mostly single-family detached owner-occupied homes with average values of $255,000.

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