Canadian Housing Market, Mortgage Rates and Home Construction (in past two weeks) for News Reports RSS Feed of Canadian Housing Market, Mortgage Rates and Home Contruction News Reports by MovingInCanada posted in the past TWO WEEKS. Copyright 1999-2017 TransCanada FoundLocally Inc Interest Rate rise expected in the US (posted 12/19/2018)Canada: if rates rise in US, expect them to follow in Canada... ]]>, 19 Dec 2018 :00 018 0000Home prices across Canada move toward affordability (posted 12/19/2018)Canada: 2018 Home prices in Canada... moves toward better affordability. ]]>, 19 Dec 2018 :00 018 0000Calgary housing starts expected to dip (posted 12/14/2010)AB: The Conference Board of Canada predicts widespread housing starts declines over the short term across the country, including Calgary. In releasing its Metropolitan Monthly Monitors report on Monday, the board said housing starts were down in 13 of 27 markets on a year-over-year basis in November. Besides the Calgary census metropolitan area, the board listed the following centres as having negative short-term expectations: Oshawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor, Winnipeg, Regina, Victoria and Abbotsford. ]]>, 14 Dec 2010 :00 010 0000Canada November Composite Leading Indicators: Housing up (posted 12/14/2010): Following is the text of Canada's leading indicators report from Statistics Canada. The composite index rose 0.3% in November, the same as in October. Among the 10 components, 6 posted gains, 3 were unchanged and 1 declined. The housing index recorded the largest turnaround, increasing 2.0% after six straight declines averaging almost 3% a month. Both housing starts and existing home sales firmed after sizable retreats from their highs in the spring. The upturn in housing was reflected in a levelling off of furniture and appliance sales, after four straight declines. ]]>, 14 Dec 2010 :00 010 0000Bank of Canada says debt and overvalued house prices remain biggest risk to economy (posted 12/10/2014): The bank reckons house prices today could be as much as 30 per cent overvalued today. The bank says it's about 95 per cent sure that house prices have been overvalued by an average of about 10 per cent since 2007. ]]>, 10 Dec 2014 :00 014 0000The Canadian Housing Market is Expected to Stabilize- Predict Experts (posted 12/08/2010): Even though the mortgage rates have increased from 3.39% to 3.69 %, they are still at historic lows. Thus, it’s still a buyer’s market. In fact experts suggest that Canada’s mortgage industry is vastly stable and competitive than its American and Australian markets. In the US, there were 54,000 mortgage firms, while only 8000 of them are left today. On a national level the housing affordability improved between 1.4 and 2.5 % points from the second quarter,” adds Ken Faminoff (first name). ]]>, 8 Dec 2010 :00 010 0000Canada Housing Starts Rise First Time in Four Months, Exceeding Forecasts (posted 12/08/2010): Starts advanced 11.6 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 187,200 from a revised 167,800 rate in October, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. said from Ottawa today. The reading exceeded all 21 estimates in a Bloomberg News survey that had a median estimate of 173,000 units. Housing starts will drop to 174,800 units in 2011 from an estimated 186,200 units this year, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. said Nov. 15. The Bank of Canada said in October that housing will be a drag on economic growth next year, after temporary stimulus measures for homeowners lapsed. ]]>Wed, 8 Dec 2010 :00 010 0000Condo overbuilding in Canada (posted 12/07/2014): I’m not at all surprised that our government-backed housing agency—the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation—is warning condo builders to sell more of their current inventory before building more condos.]]>, 7 Dec 2014 :00 014 0000RBC predicts stability in housing market (posted 12/01/2010): Canada's largest bank is predicting a period of stability in the housing market next year as rising mortgage rates are offset by improvements in the job market and household income. ]]>, 1 Dec 2010 :00 010 0000Canadian housing starts dove 9.2% (posted 11/22/2010): In October, Canadian housing starts dove 9.2% to 167.9K units from a downwardly revised 185K in September. This is an acceleration of what had been a smooth down trend in starts since April. Urban starts plunged to 142.4K from 162.3K the previous month. Rural starts sprang to 25.5K from 22.7K. This worse-thanexpected overall decline was broad-based, with starts falling in 4 of 5 regions. Only the Atlantic region (+32.9% or +2.4K) posted a gain]]>, 22 Nov 2010 :00 010 0000Condos made up more than a third of Canadian housing starts (posted 11/21/2014)Canada: Condominiums accounted for more than one-third of all Canadian housing starts last year, and more than half of the total in several of the country's biggest cities, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. says.]]>, 21 Nov 2014 :00 014 0000Niagara Housing market to dip slightly in 2011 (posted 11/20/2010)ON: The agency predicts sales of existing homes should reach 5,700 in 2011, a 2.6 per cent drop over 2010. Likewise, construction starts for all types of housing should hit 1,000 next year, a drop of 4.8 per cent over 2010. Construction starts for single detached homes will see the biggest drop, with 600 starts predicted for 2011 — a drop of 11.8 per cent over 2010, and a full 198 starts lower than 2007.]]>, 20 Nov 2010 :00 010 0000Housing starts fell 7% to just 183.6K in October (posted 11/17/2014)Canada: Housing starts fell 7% to just 183.6K in October, the lowest since March. The decrease in starts was felt in both rural (-6.8%) and urban areas (-7%).]]>, 17 Nov 2014 :00 014 0000Salmon Arm gets a new bridge plan (posted 11/05/2014)AB: The ministry redesign would accommodate a new bridge over the Salmon River as well as four-laning. ]]>, 5 Nov 2014 :00 014 0000Realtors to be eligible for EI coverage (posted 10/31/2010)Canada: Human Resources and Skills Development Minister Diane Finley to announce that self-employed REALTORS® can now participate in the Employment Insurance (EI) program.]]>, 31 Oct 2010 :00 010 0000What your home will look like in 2015 (posted 10/27/2011): Fast Company's futurists work with the National Association of Home Builders (US) for their look at what homes will look like in just a few years]]>, 27 Oct 2011 :00 011 0000Housing Prices Vary Significantly Around the World (posted 10/05/2011): Wired magazine reports on per-square-foot prices for housing varies significantly around the world. How lucky are we? (even in Vancouver. Toornto)]]>, 5 Oct 2011 :00 011 0000Widening Canada-US House Price Gap (posted 09/29/2011): Toronto Globe & Mail reports that average Canadian home is now twice as expensive as comprable American homes in this chart. Canadian home prices continue to climb, while US home prices are still falling from their 2005 peak (or close to their lows).]]>, 29 Sep 2011 :00 011 0000Housing market risk 'high' in Toronto, Winnipeg and Regina, CMHC says (posted 08/13/2015)ON,MB, SK: Housing market risk 'high' in Toronto, Winnipeg and Regina, CMHC says. The housing agency looks at market conditions in 15 major housing markets across the country. While most markets get a low or moderate risk in the CMHC's eyes, the agency singled out Regina, Winnipeg and Toronto for being in a possible danger zone.]]>, 13 Aug 2015 :00 015 0000Edmonton housing starts surge (posted 08/10/2012)AB: Jobs and newcomers are boosting home construction in the Edmonton region to levels not seen since the early 2000s, according to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. Housing starts in the Edmonton census metropolitan area for July surged to 1,435, up from 1,034 in July 2011. ]]>, 10 Aug 2012 :00 012 0000 (posted 08/10/2012)AB: Last month, 734 units broke ground in Calgary, up 40 per cent on the 526 starts in July 2011, reports the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. Read more:]]>Fri, 10 Aug 2012 :00 012 0000Calgary Housing starts spike (posted 08/10/2012)AB: Last month, 734 units broke ground in Calgary, up 40 per cent on the 526 starts in July 2011, reports the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. ]]> Fri, 10 Aug 2012 :00 012 0000Housing starts up in the St. John's area (posted 08/10/2012)NL: July’s housing starts totalled 276 units throughout the St. John’s area compared to 258 units in July 2011. Year-to-date starts are up 13 per cent to 1,207 units.]]>, 10 Aug 2012 :00 012 0000Regina Housing starts double 2011 pace (posted 08/10/2012)SK: According to the CMHC's monthly survey of residential construction, 1,688 housing units have been started in since Jan., compared to 847 in the same time period in 2011. Housing starts for the month of July reached 263, 116 more than in July 2011. The year-to-date number of housing starts in 2012 is quickly approaching the total number of housing starts - 1,694 - for all of 2011. ]]>, 10 Aug 2012 :00 012 0000 Victoria housing starts drop 34 percent (posted 08/10/2012)BC: There were 150 total housing starts last month, a 34 per cent drop from the 229 in July 2011. Year-todate, there have been 837 total starts, down 14 per cent from the 973 through the first seven months of last year]]>, 10 Aug 2012 :00 012 0000Sudbury Housing starts on the rise (posted 08/10/2012)ON: According to preliminary data released Thursday by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, there were 82 housing starts in the Greater Sudbury Census Metropolitan Area in July, up from 35 last July. Forty-seven of the 82 starts were condominium units, or 57% of all activity in the month. ]]>, 10 Aug 2012 :00 012 0000Canada July Housing Starts Slow as Builders Pare Back Condos (posted 08/09/2012): Canadian housing starts fell more than expected in July on a decline in multiple-unit projects in British Columbia. Construction of new homes dropped 6.1 percent from June to a 208,500 seasonally adjusted annual pace, Ottawa-based Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp. said today. Canadian home prices will decline 10 percent over the next two to three years.]]>, 9 Aug 2012 :00 012 0000Scotiabank Says Canada Housing Correction on the Horizon (posted 08/08/2012): Wall Street Journal: Economists from Bank of Nova Scotia are the latest to cast their lot in the camp forecasting a housing correction for Canada. They are projecting a decline in Canadian housing prices of roughly 10% over the next two to three years, with more pronounced declines set to hit the hot Toronto and Vancouver markets. ]]>, 8 Aug 2012 :00 012 0000Canadian housing starts climb unexpectedly in June - CMHC (posted 07/13/2012): The seasonally adjusted annualized rate of housing starts surged to 222,700 units in June 2012 as compared with an upwardly revised rate of 217,400 units in May 2012. The May figure was revised up from 211,400 units.]]>, 13 Jul 2012 :00 012 0000Banks warn Ottawa over lending rules (posted 07/03/2012): 32 11 11 10 Print / License The federal government’s efforts to cool the overheated housing market are raising concerns among Canada’s biggest banks that the changes might hit the economy harder than intended, particularly if the new measures are left in place for too long. ]]>, 3 Jul 2012 :00 012 0000Changes to mortgage rules will impact South Georgian Bay area (posted 07/03/2012)ON: Mullen says the area also doesn't have a lot of alternatives for home buyers with a low income. “We don't have a lot of affordable housing in our region. So how many people have we knocked out of being able to buy a home?” she said. ]]>, 3 Jul 2012 :00 012 0000Consumer debt levels too high to maintain the current rate of real estate consumption (posted 07/03/2012): Moreover, 70 per cent of the audience consider Canadian house prices are currently overvalued by up to 15 per cent. The audience was also asked their thoughts on recent mortgage legislation in which an overwhelming majority, 98 per cent, believe that the new rules will have a dampening effect on residential real estate markets. ]]>||, 3 Jul 2012 :00 012 0000Housing market may cool soon: bank of Canada (posted 06/25/2012): The Bank of Canada warned on Thursday that the country’s red-hot housing market could start to cool soon, a prospect that would strain the financial system and put households carrying too much debt under intense pressure, in its semi-annual Financial System Review.]]>, 25 Jun 2012 :00 012 0000Calgary region housing starts on the upswing (posted 06/25/2012)AB: In a report released Monday, the board said the seasonally-adjusted annual rate of starts in the Calgary region was 10,724 units in April, up substantially from 7,720 a year ago.]]>, 25 Jun 2012 :00 012 0000Housing boom grinding to a halt (posted 06/25/2012)ON: Canada’s housing boom will grind to a halt next year, stopped by price declines in the condominium-saturated markets of Toronto and Vancouver, according to a Reuters poll, raising the risk of a broader economic slowdown. On a national basis, Canadian house prices are expected to rise 2.0 percent this year before stalling next year with a negligible 0.5 percent gain, according to median results of the poll, which was conducted last week. ]]>, 25 Jun 2012 :00 012 0000Windsor and Essex County housing starts to rise (and other communities...) (posted 06/25/2012)ON: Based on monthly moving averages, the board projects there will be 742 starts this year compared to 535 a year ago, an increase of 39 per cent. The board also projects housing start increases in Halifax, Oshawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria and Abbotsford. Communities where starts are expected to drop include St. John’s, Quebec, Saguenay, Sherbrooke, Kingston, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Regina, Saskatoon, Saint John, Montreal, Trois-Rivieres, Ottawa-Gatineau, St. Catharines-Niagara and Victoria]]>, 25 Jun 2012 :00 012 0000Real estate is already cooling. So why the new chill? (posted 06/25/2012)ON: Detractors point to a real estate market that is already in decline in some parts of the country, in terms of both price and sales. Even those who acknowledge Mr. Flaherty might be right about Toronto’s condominium sector being overheated seem to believe that market is already correcting on its own. Overall, the housing market has cooled. The Canadian Real Estate Association said yesterday its benchmark index for home prices was up 5.2% in May from year a earlier with gains in the Vancouver market shrinking and Toronto up about 7.9% from a year ago.]]>, 25 Jun 2012 :00 012 000020 Observations on the New Mortgage Rules (posted 06/25/2012): ]]>, 25 Jun 2012 :00 012 0000Changes in mortgagge rules announced (posted 06/21/2012): Allowable amortization reduced to 25 years, and down payments for homes over $1 million raised to 20%. ]]>, 21 Jun 2012 :00 012 0000Windsor ranks among top three Canadian cities for real estate investors (posted 06/20/2015)Canada: A new report calls Windsor the third best city in Canada for real estate investment returns — topping Toronto and Vancouver. Analysts at SpendTree, a Canadian start-up company, looked at residential investment returns for 34 Canadian markets between 2010 and 2015, considering both home appreciation and income potential from renting. ]]>, 20 Jun 2015 :00 015 0000Fed chair Yellen tells Canadian homeowners to watch out: Don Pittis (posted 06/18/2015): ]]>, 18 Jun 2015 :00 015 0000Fed chair Yellen tells Canadian homeowners to watch out: Don Pittis (posted 06/18/2015)Canada: The financial analysts think they have it figured out. After listening to U.S. Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen's speech and her wily answers to questions from reporters, the consensus seems to be that a rate rise is coming later this year — the first one probably in September]]>, 18 Jun 2015 :00 015 0000 (posted 06/17/2015): Canada’s housing boom is rippling through to related sectors, from renovations to gardening. As The Globe and Mail’s Tamsin McMahon reports, the latest statistics show home sales climbing in May to their highest in about five years, and average resale prices rising by more than 8 per cent over the course of a year. ]]>, 17 Jun 2015 :00 015 0000Canada's housing boom sparks spinoff mini-booms (posted 06/17/2015)Canada: Canada’s housing boom is rippling through to related sectors, from renovations to gardening. As The Globe and Mail’s Tamsin McMahon reports, the latest statistics show home sales climbing in May to their highest in about five years, and average resale prices rising by more than 8 per cent over the course of a year. ]]>, 17 Jun 2015 :00 015 0000Canadian housing sector faces downside risk: Scotiabank real-estate report (posted 06/09/2013): "Toronto’s housing market is correcting in the wake of affordability pressures, inventory build, changes to mortgage insurance rules and more cautious lending policies," writes Scotiabank economist Adrienne Warren ]]>, 9 Jun 2013 :00 013 0000Canadian housing market among most overvalued in the world: OECD (posted 06/09/2013): Canada has one of the most overvalued housing markets in the world, according to a new global report, which adds to the ongoing debate about whether it’s a bubble set to burst. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) says Canada, alongside Norway and New Zealand, are among the countries where houses “appear overvalued but prices are still rising.” The report says house prices are considered overvalued if the price-to-rent ratio and the price-to-income ratio are above their long-term averages.]]>, 9 Jun 2013 :00 013 0000Canadian housing market among most overvalued in the world: OECD (posted 06/09/2013)Canada: Canada has one of the most overvalued housing markets in the world, according to a new global report, which adds to the ongoing debate about whether it’s a bubble set to burst. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) says Canada, alongside Norway and New Zealand, are among the countries where houses “appear overvalued but prices are still rising.” The report says house prices are considered overvalued if the price-to-rent ratio and the price-to-income ratio are above their long-term averages.]]>, 9 Jun 2013 :00 013 0000As Toronto’s housing market cools, Montreal posts record home sales (posted 06/06/2017)ON: In May, Montreal home sales were up 15 per cent from 2016, sparking concerns that Toronto’s new tax is creating a spillover effect to Canada’s second largest city.]]>, 6 Jun 2017 :00 017 0000Starts skyrocket in Airdrie (posted 05/28/2012)AB: Housing start totals in Airdrie saw a 96 per cent upswing to start the year, compared to 2011 activity, says the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC)]]>, 28 May 2012 :00 012 0000Low vacancy and low interest rates drive multi-family housing starts in Kelowna (posted 05/27/2015): Demand for new homes in the Kelowna area continues to be strong, especially for multi-family dwellings such as townhouses and condo units. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s spring 2015 outlook, the combination of a low vacancy rate and low interest rates is driving this year’s housing starts]]>, 27 May 2015 :00 015 0000Canada housing agency softens outlook for starts for 2015, 2016 (posted 05/25/2015): Canada's federal housing agency on Monday gave a cooler outlook for housing starts this year and next, saying that lower oil prices are contributing to differences across the country's regional markets.]]>, 25 May 2015 :00 015 0000Expanded Ottawa Neighbourhoods content & maps (posted 05/24/2013)ON: We have added detailed neighbourhoods information and maps for Ottawa and its suburbs (we expanded content from 11 to 88 neighbourhoods), with drill-down detail for Downtown, Ottawa South, East End, West End, Nepean, Kanata, Gloucester, and Orleans!]]>, 24 May 2013 :00 013 0000Halifax housing starts nosedive (posted 05/23/2012)NS: The document, released Tuesday by the Conference Board of Canada, shows that new residential housing starts in Halifax dropped from 3,269 a year ago to 1,475 on April 12. ]]> Wed, 23 May 2012 :00 012 0000Canada April Composite Leading Indicators (posted 05/23/2012): The components related to household demand supported the increase in April, led by a rise in housing starts. Both furniture sales and sales of other durable goods posted a third monthly gain. ]]>, 23 May 2012 :00 012 0000Canada urged to hike interest rates (posted 05/22/2012): Canada's central bank should move its benchmark target for the overnight rate above its current one per cent level or risk unsustainable increases in the country's inflation rate and real estate market, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said today. The OECD report hopes the rate will be at 2.25 per cent by the end of 2013.]]>, 22 May 2012 :00 012 0000Royal Bank, CIBC Face Greatest Mortgage Exposure Risk - Fitch (posted 05/21/2012): Royal Bank of Canada (RY, RY.T) and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM, CM.T) are the most susceptible to potential residential mortgage risk among Canada's big six banks, Fitch Ratings said in a release Monday. ]]>, 21 May 2012 :00 012 0000Canada faces looming housing crisis as one in five renters forced to pay 50% of income on home (posted 05/19/2015): The study says the long, steady decline in federal subsidies for social housing has left provinces, territories and municipalities struggling against market forces that are making it increasingly difficult for low- and modest-income renters.]]>, 19 May 2015 :00 015 0000Canada April inflation sparks more rate-hike talk (posted 05/18/2012)Canada: On an annual basis the overall inflation rate rose to 2.0 percent in April from 1.9 percent in March, Statistics Canada said on Friday. The core rate, which excludes volatile items, climbed to 2.1 percent from 1.9 percent. "From a strictly domestic standpoint, I think it does advance the case for the bank raising rates," said BMO Capital Markets deputy chief economist Doug Porter. ]]>, 18 May 2012 :00 012 0000Caviar condos set to flood Toronto market (posted 05/14/2012)ON: Toronto is expecting a glut of 5-star suitesto hit the market as the four of the biggest names in the hotel business open hundreds of units in Canada's largest city.]]>, 14 May 2012 :00 012 0000Calgary Home starts triple year over year (posted 05/13/2012)AB: The numbers for the Calgary housing market are close to, but not completely in, the stratospheric heights of the boom years from late 2005 to early 2008, but they’re certainly knocking the socks off of 2011. ]]>, 13 May 2012 :00 012 0000Reverse Mortgage Showdown (posted 05/13/2012): From an investment standpoint, few mortgage lenders present a better risk/reward than HomEquity Bank, a subsidiary of HOMEQ. Its product, the CHIP reverse mortgage, has enormous upside in terms of growth, with extraordinarily low loss rates. ]]>, 13 May 2012 :00 012 0000Delinquency rate on Canadian mortgages at 0.4 percent (posted 05/13/2012): The highest delinquency rate appears to be in Alberta, where 0.7 percent of homeowners are behind on their home loans. According to CIBC, this could be because of a high rate of younger, less established homeowners in the region. The figures are still far healthier than the delinquent mortgage rate of U.S. homeowners, which credit rating agency TransUnion places at 5.78 percent, according to The Associated Press. ]]>, 13 May 2012 :00 012 0000Canadian housing starts beat expectations (posted 05/09/2012): New home starts in April were a stunningly high 244900 units, seasonally adjusted and annualized, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) . The percentage changes month to month (+14.0%) and especially year over year (+28.8%)]]>, 9 May 2012 :00 012 0000Economists raise red flag on overheated housing market. (posted 05/09/2012): "This report reflects unbelievable strength in Canadian housing starts, and all of the gain was in multiples again which reflect the ongoing Canadian condo craze,'' said Scotia Capital economist Derek Holt. ]]>, 9 May 2012 :00 012 0000Fitch warns on Canada’s condo market (posted 05/08/2015)ON: Ontario’s housing market is overvalued by about 25 per cent, a dangerous level that threatens not only home price growth in the province, but the overall Canadian economy, says a new report from New York-based Fitch ratings agency.]]>, 8 May 2015 :00 015 0000Surge in Canadian condo starts adds fuel to bubble talk (posted 05/08/2012): Fuelled by a 57-per-cent rise in new home construction in Quebec, national starts published Tuesday by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. made an unexpected leap last month, reviving the spectre of a bubble in certain hot condo markets. ]]>, 8 May 2012 :00 012 0000Globe & Mail: How condo boom threatens a 'ghost city phenomenon' (posted 05/08/2012)Canada: Housing starts shoot higher on back of condo boom. ]]>, 8 May 2012 :00 012 0000Canada March building permits surge, housing cools (posted 05/07/2012): Building permits issued by municipalities jumped 4.7 percent from February t o C$6.5 billion ($6.5 billion), confounding market expectations of a 2.8 percent decline. The increase followed a 7.6 percent gain in February, according to revised figures. Intentions for residential buildings fell 1.3 percent in March as the value of permits fell by 1.7 percent for single-family dwellings and by 0.7 percent for multi-family dwellings. Permits for non-residential buildings jumped 13.9 percent to C$2.9 billion ($2.9 billion), their highest level since June 2010. ]]>, 7 May 2012 :00 012 0000Ontario leads gains as March building permits rise (posted 05/07/2012): House-building intentions continued to slow in March, but the construction industry as a whole still looked strong thanks to plans for new institutional and commercial building. Statistics Canada said Monday that building permits rose an above-consensus 4.7 per cent to $6.8 billion for the month, following a 7.6 per cent gain the previous month. Economists had expected a more modest 1.5 per cent increase. ]]>, 7 May 2012 :00 012 0000Considerations in buying that cottage (posted 05/06/2012): Snowbirds are returning from the sunny south, and the Victoria Day holiday has historically been “opening weekend” for many cottagers. This is a time of year with a lot of turnover of vacation properties. It’s important to know ahead of time that mortgages for recreational properties may be subject to different lending requirements and higher interest rates than your home.]]>, 6 May 2012 :00 012 0000Which Mortgage Term Is Right For You? (posted 05/06/2012)Canada: Before you set out to secure the lowest mortgage rate available, you’ll need to make an important decision concerning your payment term. Almost every new mortgage customer struggles when it comes to deciding their amortization schedule. While some customers prefer the lower monthly costs of a long-term mortgage, other’s want to pay off their loan as quickly as possible.]]>, 6 May 2012 :00 012 0000BMO forecasts 3% growth for Sask. economy in 2012 (posted 05/03/2012)SK: Saskatchewan’s economy — which posted the real GDP growth of 4.8 per cent in 2011, second-highest among the provinces — should grow by 2.9 per cent this year, good for second-place again, this time behind Alberta, according to BMO Economics. Housing starts are projected to hit 7,600 in 2012, an increase 5.5 per cent from 7,200 in 2011, and increase a similar amount to 7,800 in 2013, BMO said. Housing starts are projected to hit 7,600 in 2012, an increase 5.5 per cent from 7,200 in 2011, and increase a similar amount to 7,800 in 2013, BMO said. ]]>, 3 May 2012 :00 012 0000Spring Mortgage Market Update (2012) (posted 05/03/2012): the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) recommends some dramatic changes to the way mortgages are underwritten by our lenders. Stop allowing borrowers to use cash backs as down payments. Financial institutions who buy and pool mortgages from third-party lenders will need to ensure that those lenders are underwriting their loans properly. Heavier regulation of “stated-income” loans, where a borrower’s income is not verified using traditional methods. Requiring lenders to update the appraised values of mortgaged properties at renewal.]]>, 3 May 2012 :00 012 0000Regina, Winnipeg housing markets high risk, CMHC says (posted 05/01/2015): CMHC says Canada's housing market is modestly overvalued, and says the high-risk cities are not the overheated markets of Vancouver and Toronto, but the more unlikely candidates of Regina and Winnipeg. In Regina, the inventory of completed and unsold units, particularly condos, is at a record high, the housing agency said.]]>, 1 May 2015 :00 015 0000March housing starts in Halifax (posted 04/24/2012)NS: New residential construction in Halifax increased in March compared to 2011 according to preliminary data(1) from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). There were 201 housing starts recorded in March compared to 112 last year.]]>, 24 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000Investors turn to condos (posted 04/21/2012)QU: Condos are becoming the new rental units in Montreal]]>, 21 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000National housing starts increase (posted 04/21/2012): Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation says the seasonally adjusted annual rate of housing starts was 215,600 units in March, up from 205,300 units in February. ]]>, 21 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000Britannia Beach project may signal renewed boom in Sea to Sky region (posted 04/21/2012)BC: Proposed plan for up to 4,000 homes one of many developments from Porteau Cove to Squamish either on hold or starting to move ahead]]>, 21 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000Canada home prices fall in March, sales up-CREA (posted 04/17/2012)Canada: Canadian home prices fell in March from year-ago levels even as existing home sales activity picked up, with a cooling of the once-hot Vancouver market offsetting big price gains in Toronto and steady increases elsewhere.]]>, 17 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000Bank of Canada May Raise Interest Rate Sooner Than Expected-BMO Economics (posted 04/17/2012): BMO Economics changes rate projection; interest rates could climb by January 2013 or even sooner]]>, 17 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000National Post - Why Toronto's overheated housing market is unsustainable (posted 04/17/2012)ON: : In sharp contrast to price moderation in most cities and a significant drop in Vancouver, where buyers are being priced out of the country’s costliest market, Toronto buyers are on a spending spree — one that looks as if it won’t end well. ]]>, 17 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000Calgary housing starts more than double (posted 04/17/2012)AB: Housing starts in Western Canada led the rest of the country in March, and are expected to continue the trend in the long-term, said the latest report by the Conference Board of Canada. ]]>, 17 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000Canadian new-home prices increase in February (posted 04/13/2012): Looks like good news for home owners!]]>, 13 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000Value-conscious buyers are fuelling the housing market (posted 04/13/2012)Canada: First-time homeowners drawn to urban living by low interest rates, good prices]]>, 13 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000Oil boom finally hits Alberta housing starts (posted 04/13/2012)AB: But blockbuster housing starts in March - they jumped 72 per cent year over year - hint that residential construction is getting hot again. ]]>, 13 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000 (posted 04/11/2012)Canada housing starts speed up in March: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) said on Wednesday that housing starts rose to 215600 units on a seasonally adjusted annualized basis in March, up from 205300 units in February. ]]>, 11 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000Canada housing starts speed up in March (posted 04/11/2012): Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) said on Wednesday that housing starts rose to 215600 units on a seasonally adjusted annualized basis in March, up from 205300 units in February. ]]>, 11 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000Canadian housing starts rebound more than expected in March (posted 04/10/2015)Canada: The report from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp showed the seasonally adjusted annualized rate of housing starts rose to 189,708 units last month from a downwardly revised 151,238 units in February. This exceeded the 175,000 that economists had expected]]>, 10 Apr 2015 :00 015 0000Ample supply leaves housing prices in Calgary flat: report (posted 04/06/2012)AB: Calgary's housing market remained generally flat in the first quarter because of an ample housing supply, says a report released Thursday by Royal LePage.]]>, 6 Apr 2012 :00 012 0000Bank of Canada's Carney warns of headwinds to economy (posted 04/02/2012): In a speech to the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce this afternoon, Carney says the European debt situation has improved significantly, and the recovery in the United States continues to take hold. Both Carney and Flaherty, as well as other private-sector economists, have previously spoken out about the rising debt levels of Canadian households that have been largely fuelled by mortgages. ]]>, 2 Apr 2012 :00 012 00001 in 5 Challenged by 2% Higher Rates: BMO (posted 03/30/2012): According to a February 21-23 BMO/Leger survey. the article goes on to discuss likelihood of various rate hikes.]]>, 30 Mar 2012 :00 012 0000Royal Bank says current mortage rates have unacceptable returns (posted 03/30/2012): Mortgage rate wars in the 3 percent range are not sustainable in the long run]]>, 30 Mar 2012 :00 012 0000BMO Bank of Montreal Changes Mortgage Rates (posted 03/30/2012): Bank of Montreal raises its mortgage rates by 0.5%]]>, 30 Mar 2012 :00 012 0000Montreal housing starts to drop 21 per cent: report (posted 03/28/2012)Canada: Montreal will drop from 22,700 starts in 2011 to 18,000 in 2012, according to the ConferenceB oard of Canada. This is one of the sharpest drops in the county, and is echoed by CMHC, which forecast a 15% drop this next year in Montreal.]]>, 28 Mar 2012 :00 012 0000CBC: Canadians worried about mortgage rate hikes (posted 03/28/2012): As concerns over the state of the Canadian real estate market abound, a new survey says nearly half of Canadians are unsure about their ability to afford their homes if rates rise by as little as two percentage points. The survey commissioned by the Bank of Montreal study finds 43 per cent believe an interest hike would either hamper their ability to pay or leave them on unsure footing. ]]>, 28 Mar 2012 :00 012 0000 (posted 03/27/2012)Mortgage rates up at TD, RBC: Two of Canada's big five banks have decided to raise the rate on their posted, five-year mortgages. to 5.44 percent]]>, 27 Mar 2012 :00 012 0000Urban housing starts improve overall (posted 03/27/2012): Prospects for short-and long-term housing starts are looking better than they did last month, according to the Conference Board of Canada's March metropolitan housing starts report.]]>, 27 Mar 2012 :00 012 0000Half of all Canadians say they would choose a fixed rate mortgage today (posted 03/27/2012)Canada: CIBC Mortgage poll released]]>, 27 Mar 2012 :00 012 0000Mortgage rates up at TD, RBC (posted 03/27/2012): Two of Canada's big five banks have decided to raise the rate on their posted, five-year mortgages. to 5.44 percent]]>, 27 Mar 2012 :00 012 00004 of Top 5 North American cities for quality of life are in Canada (posted 03/24/2016): Canadian cities have the best North America offers, according to Mercer's annual comparison of the quality of life of 430 locations around the world. In fact, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa finished ahead of all 17 American and 41 Asian cities ranked by Mercer. ]]>, 24 Mar 2016 :00 016 0000Canada household debt ratio hits new record of 163.3% (posted 03/12/2015): Cuts to the Bank of Canada overnight lending rate appear to be the driver behind consumers ratcheting up their debt, which Statistics Canada said Thursday reached record levels in the four quarter of 2014.]]>, 12 Mar 2015 :00 015 0000House prices to be flat for 10 years, TD predicts (posted 03/11/2013): Canada's real estate bonanza of the past decade has come to end and the long-term trend as one of the most profitable places to invest is also not encouraging, a new research paper from the TD Bank argues.]]>, 11 Mar 2013 :00 013 0000Canadian housing starts fall sharply in February (posted 03/09/2015): report from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC) showed the seasonally adjusted annualized rate of housing starts fell to 156,276 units last month from a downwardly revised 187,025 in January. That fell short of the 180,000 economists had expected.]]>, 9 Mar 2015 :00 015 0000Foreign home buyers: How other countries limit money from abroad (posted 03/08/2016)BC/ON: It was revealed this week that the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is trying to keep tabs on foreign money in Canada's residential real estate market. The national housing agency has come under fire in recent years for a conspicuous lack of reliable data about the money coming from abroad and how it may be contributing to soaring home prices in cities like Vancouver and Toronto.]]>, 8 Mar 2016 :00 016 0000CMHC revs up search for foreign flows into soaring housing markets (posted 03/07/2016): Canada’s housing agency, looking for new methods to track foreign ownership in the country’s soaring real estate markets, may tap money laundering police and classify international university students as foreign buyers, according to internal documents.]]>, 7 Mar 2016 :00 016 0000Alberta Oilpatch: A Growing Minefield (posted 02/25/2016): As crude began a precipitous decline, putting oil-town Fort McMurray, Alberta, on the brink of depression, and homes there have lost one-fifth of their value. One of the most concerning alarm bells is Alberta’s surging unemployment rate, a historical precursor to defaults.]]>Thu, 25 Feb 2016 :00 016 0000Pricey Canadian housing market to lift economic growth this year: Reuters poll (posted 02/24/2016): Canada's housing market will be a net contributor to economic growth in the coming year, impelled by rising prices, but become a drag soon after due to a slowdown in buying and high levels of household debt, a Reuters poll found]]>, 24 Feb 2016 :00 016 0000Average Canadian house price hit $401K in January, up 3.1% in past year (posted 02/17/2015)Canada: If hot markets in Toronto and Vancouver are stripped out of the calculation, house prices have actually dropped in the past year, with the average price outside those two cities now $312,280, a decline of 0.3 per cent.]]>, 17 Feb 2015 :00 015 0000Housing sales dip in January (posted 02/17/2015): Click link for map of average home prices by community. Sales of existing homes declined in January as compared with the previous month, according to Canadian Real Estate Association data. The national average price climbed registered at $401,143.]]>, 17 Feb 2015 :00 015 0000Housing Start up in January 2016 (posted 02/08/2017)Canada: Canadian housing starts rose a further 0.5% in January to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 207,408, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation reported Wednesday, with data continuing to show a divergence between British Columbia and Ontario, where two of Canada's largest and most expensive markets are locat]]>, 8 Feb 2017 :00 017 0000Stats Can releases 2011 Census Data (posted 02/08/2012)Ottawa: Canada’s population is 33.5 million, of which 23.1 million ( 69.1%) lived in one of Canada's 33 census metropolitan areas (CMAs). The CMAs grew 7.4% between 2006 and 2011, while Canada grew 5.9%. Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver have 35.0% of the total population, and grew 9.2%, 5.2% , and 9.3% respectively, mostly from immigration. The fastest growing were Calgary (12.6%), Edmonton (12.1%.), Saskatoon (11.4% ) and Regina (8.0%). While two had declines: Windsor (-1.3%) and Thunder Bay (-1.1%).]]>, 8 Feb 2012 :00 012 0000Canada housing agency sees moderation in housing starts in 2015 (posted 02/07/2015)Canada: Canada's federal housing agency softened its forecast for housing starts in 2015, saying it expects the pace of new home construction to gradually moderate in the coming years.]]>, 7 Feb 2015 :00 015 0000Widespread price-fixing alleged in Toronto home construction (posted 01/31/2013)ON: Can't wait to see how this rolls out...Apologies to all those who smuggly thought all the construction industry problems were in Quebec in government projects! ]]>, 31 Jan 2013 :00 013 0000Canadian banks on brink of mortgage price war (posted 01/27/2015)Canada: Canada’s major banks are heading into a renewed mortgage price war in the wake of the Bank of Canada’s surprise decision to cut interest rates.]]>, 27 Jan 2015 :00 015 0000After 86 years, Williams Moving and Storage files for bankruptcy (posted 01/23/2015)AB/BC: After being in business for 86 years, Williams Moving and Storage has filed for bankruptcy. Unifor Local 114, which represents the employees in B.C. and Alberta, says both union and non-union workers will likely be shorted their last pay cheques and all accumulated banked hours, such as vacation pay, will not be paid out. NOTE: Williams Moving & Storage (Cranbrook) Ltd., which includes Cranbrook and Lethbridge branches, is not affected by this news. They remain open and operating.]]>, 23 Jan 2015 :00 015 0000Flaherty unveils new Mortgage Rules to reduce household debt (posted 01/17/2011)Canada: New mortgages cannot have amortizations longer than 30 years (previously 35) and CMHC will no longer insure homes that are used as security for lines of credit, typically known as home equity loans]]>, 17 Jan 2011 :00 011 0000Expectations of Bank of Canada rate cut grow (posted 01/15/2016): The odds that the Bank of Canada will lower its key interest rate next week are rising as some of the country's big banks join the growing chorus predicting a cut. The Bank of Montreal updated its forecast Thursday to predict the central bank will cut its key interest rate next Wednesday when it releases its updated forecast for the economy. ]]>, 15 Jan 2016 :00 016 0000Royal LePage forecasting 3% decline in Calgary house prices in 2016 (posted 01/15/2016)AB: Calgary home prices remained stable during the fourth quarter of 2015 and will experience only a small decline this year despite the city’s challenged economy, Royal LePage said in a local market outlook released Wednesday.]]>, 15 Jan 2016 :00 016 0000Canada housing starts slow in December (posted 01/12/2016): The pace of home starts fell 18 percent in December, the biggest one-month drop in three years, as developers put a chill on new Toronto condominium developments during the month, Ottawa-based Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp. said Monday. The drop in December capped what was largely a strong year for the industry, with housing starts reaching their highest levels since 2012. Those gains were driven by a surge in Toronto condo construction that has even raised concerns developers in Canada’s biggest city may be overbuilding. ]]>, 12 Jan 2016 :00 016 0000Canada Housing Starts Slow to Weakest Since March Amid Oil Rout (posted 01/08/2015)Canada: Builders began construction on the lowest number of homes in Canada in 10 months amid a collapse in crude prices. ]]>, 8 Jan 2015 :00 015 0000