The province's economy has abundant natural resources and energy, as well as strong agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors. The province's resoruces are spread throught the province, with its hydro-electic energy capacity in its east and its far north . The extensive mining and forestry is spread around the province. The agriculture is primarily along the warmer St Lawrence River valley.

Montreal, though not the provincial capital, has developed into its economic centre.

Quebec City's Old Town is a major tourist attraction

Quebec's dynamic manufacturing sector produces a wide variety of products including air traffic control equipment, software, subway trains, helicopters, compact disks, air purifiers and toys. Montreal has several strong companies in space and aeronautics, telecommunications, energy and transportation. Quebec exports 40 percent of its total production, mainly from the forest industry (printing, lumber and paper), mining (aluminium and iron ore) and transportation equipment manufacturing. Quebec also exports electricity, engineering know-how, electronic products and telecommunications equipment.

Montreal's city lights

With the province's old world charm, sophisticated cities and vast outdoor activity, tourism is an important part of Quebec's economy. The many festivals and cultural activities make Quebec a popular tourist destination.

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