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Neighbourhoods information & maps

Kitchener is the southern half of this "twin city" and closest to the 401, and Waterloo is to the north, and is home to the University and the Blackberry.

Cities around them include Guelph, Cambridge, Elmira, and New Hamburg

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Here are some of the more notable neighbourhoods in the Kitchener-Waterloo area (from east to west, south to north): Kitchener Overview

Waterloo Overview

Area Towns

More Kitchener-Warerloo Info

For informatoon about Kitchener-Warerloo home improvements, home decor, schools, and services:
More Kitchener-Warerloo information

Kitchener-Warerloo Neighbourhood Map

MLS Listings for Kitchener-Water Loo Area

home in a nice Kitchener neighbourhood

Here Are the MLS listings for Kitchener-Waterloo area neighbourhoods:

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