Home Selling Process: Home Staging Techniques

Here are some things you can do to stage your own home for sale:

  • A home's exterior curb appeal can be enhanced with exterior cleanup, painting, lawn maintenance, as well as trees and flower bed enhancements.

  • A bright and spacious room looks larger than one with tight ("busy") spaces or dark paint or curtains. Solutions can be as simple as opening curtains for more natural light, or turning on lights before a showing, or can involve more extensive painting or changed window treatments.

  • Homes containing furniture and accessories sell more quickly than vacant homes, because they show the rooms in use. Furniture and decorative accessories can be rented, for either brand-new never-been-occupied properties or where homeowners have already vacated the property.

  • Furniture layouts can make rooms look more open, have better traffic flow between rooms. Non-essential items should be removed (to a storage locker, not the garage!) to minimize crowding and clutter.

  • Cleaning, De-cluttering, depersonalizing, updating old or unattractive fixtures, changing furniture rearrangement (adding rental furniture and accessories) can make a home more appealing.

  • Religious items, personal photos, awards, certificates and cultural items, as well as any "collections" of items are often removed to give a home a more general appeal. The home feels larger, and this helps them to imagine their items in the space.
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