North Shore Kamloops neighbourhoods and nearby communities

The North Shore part of Kamloops is home to about 30,000 residents. This area includes the neighborhoods of McDonald Park, John Tod, Dallas, Barnhartvale, Aberdeen, Westsyde, and Batchelor Heights. While the first ranch on the North Shore was granted in 1866, settlement did not begin until 1903 and was fully underway after 1909. BC Fruitlands developed irrigation for massive orchards covering what is now Westsyde, Brocklehurst, and North Kamloops. The population slowly grew over the years, and in 1967 the Town of North Kamloops was amalgamated into the city of Kamloops. In 1967, the Yellowhead Bridge was built over the South Thompson River, as was a new control tower for the Kamloops Airport.

Northside Tranquille Rd

The North Shore has ready access to Kamloops Airport (YKA), yet is anaffected by runway noise, which is oriented over the Thompson River (though there is a small NE-SW diagonal runway for small planes, affecting some neighbourhoods). The area west of the Kamloops Airport is largely agricultural.

Residents are attracted by the adjacent rivers, the flat land, and good weather conditions. On the other hand, the area is less liked for its lack of good shopping, poor traffic/transit, and poor reputation due to crime, drugs, and sex trade workers.


These neighbourhoods have 16 elementary schools and 4 secondary schools. The area is home to the Thompson - Nicola Regional District Library.


Most of the shopping on the North Shore is clustered along Tranquille Road, from the Overlander Bridge over the Thompson River Bridge northwards to the North Shore Towne Centre. The Tranquille South area, closest to the river, has a pedestrian friendly collection of shops & restaurants.


There is much greenspace particularly around MacArthur Island and the Rivers Trail network. There is a golf course northwest of the airport and on McArthur Island. There are the significant Lac Du Bois natural grasslands west of Batchelor Heights.

McArthur Island sports complex which can serve over 20 different sports with both outdoor and indoor facilities (which also host trade shows and events year-round). Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the Northside


The homes on the North shore are affordable compared to other parts of Kamloops, which is in part due to proximity to a pulp & paper mill on the opposite shore of the Thompson River. Significant portions of North Kamloops and Brocklehurst are within a flood plain area. North Kamloops' housing styles are typical of those built in the 1950s, 196s and 1970s. North Shore home-building peaked in the Post-War period from 1945 to 1970, accounting for 70% of the homes, with about 20% built in the 70s, and the balance in more recent years, mostly infill homes. There is more rental accommodation in North Kamloops compared to Brocklehurst.

Brocklehurst is the westernmost neighbourhood on the North Shore and is a well-established neighbourhood with modest homes on large lots, with some recent multi-family homes. Brocklehurst has great views of the grasslands to the north, and the flat terrain makes it a great place for cyclists. This area has less street lighting and fewer sidewalks than other areas of Kamloops.

View to Valleyview Homes And Secwepemc Museum The McDonald Park neighbourhood is one of the oldest residential areas on the North Shore, nestled between Tranquille Road and McArthur Island. The area has access to parks and the river, and is home to a number of markets & festivals. It is very close the McArthur Island sports complex. McDonald Park has the highest concentration of older homes on the North Shore.

Ord Road is a mix of single family homes, mobile homes and light industrial and auto sales businesses. The newer homes are along and north of Ord Road

Westmount/Batchelor Heights had its development peak in the 1960s and 1970s, accounting for 60% of the homes, with15% dating to the 1990s and since 2000.

Westsyde, further up the North Thompson River, and built on a slope on both sides of Westsyde Road, and is mostly single family suburban style homes more recently built.

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