Mt Dufferin / Aberdeen in Kamloops neighbourhoods and nearby communities

Kamloops view Of Kamloops From TCH

The southwestern part of Kamloops is home to 20,000 residents, and includes four hillside Neighbourhoods: Aberdeen, Dufferin, Knutsford and Sahali. These neighbourhoods lie west of Summit Drive and continue south of the Trans-Canada Highway. This area matured after The Trans-Canada bypass around downtown was built in 1973.

Aberdeen is southwest of Highway 1/97 and Highway 5A and has about 8,500 residents. Aberdeen is a relatively new neighbourhood with most of the development occurring since 1980. This area has a high ratio of post-secondary education and has higher income than the rest of Kamloops. Over the next 20 years, this part of Kamloops is expected to grow by 20,000 residents. This area has significant agricultural reserves and a golf course, a number of recreational/commuter bike trails.

Southeast of Highway 1/97 and Highway 5A is the neighbourhood of Upper Sahali, which is quite hilly with several ravines, and lots of curved streets and cul-de-sacs following the terrain. This are mostly single family homes, with a number of multi-family townhouses and condos.

Southgate lies north of Highway 97 and west if Summit Dr, and is home to the Thompson River University, light industrial manufacturing, the Aberdeen Mall and Aberdeen Village shopping centres, as well as Kamloops' visitor center (with a great view overlooking the city)


This area has 6 elementary schools, and is served by a secondary school just outside the community. It is home to Thompson Rivers University. Hilltop View To Shopping Mall from Trans-Canada Highway


There is a highway service commercial area with hotels, restaurants, and automobile service stations along the Trans-Canada Highway, as well several malls (Sahali Mall and Aberdeen Mall). Columbia Square has major big box chains like Costco, Real Canadian Superstore, Wal-Mart and Home Depot, giving the area a critical mass of stores.


The neighbourhood is home to the 800hectare Kenna Cartwright Nature Park (ith 40 km of hiking trails), the Aberdeen Hills Golf Course, and significant agricultural reserves and commuter/recreational bicycle trails, The area is home to 45 bird species (including the rare Sandhill crane), 6 mammal species (including coyote, black bear, mule deer, red squirrel, gopher, and moles).


Aberdeen and Pineview Valley have mostly recently-built low density housing, with virtually no homes pre-dating 1970, with 10% dating to the 70s, 20% to the 80s, half built in the 199s, and 15% since 2000. Mount Dufferin has 40% of its home dating to the 1960s and 70s, with 20% each from the 1980s and 90s, and 10% since 2000. Aberdeen also has a mobile home park.

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