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Chilliwack view to coastal range and Mount Thoms

WHY Move to the Fraser Valley?

Ths area is close to Vancouver, but away from the hustle and bustle (and the high housing costs). Surrounded by expanses of farmland, yet with quick access to shopping, airports, and mountains.

The Fraser Valley, also called "the Lower Mainland" extends east of Vancouver to Hope, and then outwards to the many smaller communities along the Trans-Canada (#1), the Coquihalla (#8) and the Crowsnest (#3) Highways. The western boundary of this area is generally conceded to be Langley. The larger communities south of the Fraser are clustered along the Trans-Canada Highway and Langley, Abbotsford and Chilliwack. The communities north of the Fraser are clustered along the Lougheed Highway (#7) and include Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and Mission. The Fraser Valley has a population of about 257,000 (2006). The major industries in the Fraser Valley reflect that of the whole province. Forestry, agriculture and trade are the top job-creating industries, followed by tourism.

Abbotsford's Centennial Park

Vancouver was named for Captain George Vancouver, who in 1792, fourteen years after sailing here under Captain Cook, returned to the area in 1792, and spent the next two years exploring the area in search of the western end of the "Northwest Passage". The Fraser River is named for Simon Fraser, the first white man to paddle the river to the sea in 1808. He thought he was descending the Columbia River until the wild river made its abrupt westward turn at Hope (too far north to be the Columbia). The area boomed the gold rush of the 1850s, which brought many settlers into the region. This eventually pushed British Columbia to join Canadian confederation, and promoted the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

Farmers Fields East Of Chilliwack,near Mount Thom The Fraser Valley is a mostly rural and farming area, punctuated with a few significant cities that are market centres. Langley is considered the west end of the Fraser Valley, before the Trans-Canada Highway hits the non-stop suburbs of Vancouver. On the north bank of the Fraser river are the two communities of Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge, surrounded by fields of flowers for Canada's flower shops. Abbotsford is the next city to the east, which has a significant airport (YXX) with regular flights to Edmonton, Fraser Valley, and Victoria via WestJet and Orca Airways, serving 500,000 passengers a year. The city of Mission is the largest community on the north bank of the Fraser, and is just north of Abbotsford. The next major town in the Fraser Valley is Chilliwack, with Cultus Lake and other great recreational areas just to the south. Hope is the doorway to the BC Interior, providing access to the rugged canyons of the Upper Fraser to the north, and Manning Park along the Crowsnest Highway (#3) to the southwest, as well as parks along the Coquihalla River to the northeast.

Maple Ridge condos along Lougheed Highway

Daytime temperatures and night-time temperatures are fairly consistent because of the moderating influence of the sea. Vancouver is sheltered from the worst of Pacific Ocean weather systems by Vancouver Island. In the summer time, you can generally expect hot and sunny weather, with only occasional precipitation. In the fall, winter, and spring time, expect rain more often than not...after all, there's a reason the grass and tree-leaves are green year-round. Always carry an umbrella with you in case of rain. Vancouver gets 54 cm ( 21 inches) of snow each winter and a total of 1167 millimetres (46 inches) of precipitation per year. The city has 164 wet days (where it rains at least part of the day), mostly in the non-summer months (any months whose name contains the letter "r" has rain).

History of the Fraser Valley

In 1778 James Cook, the famous British captain, first landed at Friendly Cove in Nootka Sound on the western side of Vancouver Island. He was followed by Alexander Mackenzie, working for the fur-trading Northwest Company, who in 1793 managed to reach the Pacific from the eastern side of the Rockies. He first traveled up the Peace River and then down 400 kilometres of the Fraser River, portaging, and used the lower stretch of the Bella Coola River arriving about halfway between Vancouver and the southern tip of Alaska. In 1808, Simon Fraser, also with the North West Company, navigated 35 days to the Pacific all the way down the river since named after him, passing through many uncharted rapids. Fur trading posts were established along all of these rivers and began a period of white settlement in the interior of BC. When the North West and Hudson's Bay companies merged in 1821, the province already had significant agricultural interests centred around the forts, supplying the travelers, traders and the Royal Navy.

East of Mission: Farmland9 And Farmhouse In 1849 the settlement around Victoria officially became a British Colony, the same year as the California Gold Rush. In 1858, gold was discovered in the lower Fraser River, bringing more than 25,000 prospectors (including many who gave up after the California Gold Rush of '49) who managed to find over $500,000 in gold. Those diggings were then in 1859 and then worked by Chinese immigrants. Gold in the Caribou attracted many to that area, but was too deep and expensive to recover. In 1865 more gold was found on the Columbia River's Big Bend, near Revelstoke, but this gold rush fizzled out in a year.

By 1866, the BC and the Vancouver Island colonies were united, but an economy based on just fur trading and mining was not stable enough to grow a colony. In 1871, four years after Canada was given its independence by Britain, BC joined Canadian confederation. The BC provincial government began encouraging the agriculture and forestry industries, to begin economic diversification.

To entice it to join Canada, BC was promised a railroad linking it to the eastern part of the country. While one crew was building from the east, across the Prairies and then through the Roger's Pass. Another crew was laying track from the West, up the Fraser River canyon and into the Thompson River valley. On November 7, 1885 the Canadian Pacific Railway set the last spike in its construction at Craigellachie, just east of Shushwap Lake. The first trans-continental railway train arrived in Port Moody on July 4, 1886. The following year, the railway was extended the last 20 kilometres into Vancouver. Since then, BC has shipped much of its natural resources east to the rest of Canada, and become the country's gateway to the Pacific nations.

Abbottsford Old Yale Road homes in morning mist Vancouver began as a little log cabin city amongst the tall trees (when the whole city looked like Stanley Park's forest). In 1886 a fire destroyed much of Vancouver, helped along with a strong westerly squall, razing over 1,000 buildings in 20 minutes and left 3,000 people homeless. From this initial setback, Vancouver rebuilt itself and prospered. The city grew as the western endpoint of the railways, either for Canadian resources being shipped to the US or to Asia, or goods from around the Pacfic being landed there and transferred to the railway for shipment to the rest of Canada.

Vancouver's recent real estate boom (its home prices run neck-in-neck with Toronto's) was fueled substantially (though not exclusively) by the influx of Asian immigrants. Those from Vietnam left their homeland in the 70s after the communist victory after the war in Vietnam. The Japanese continue to move to Vancouver because the cost of living is so much lower here than in Japan. Those from Hong Kong have moved here in anticipation of China taking over the British colony in 1997.

The recent "Asian Flu" has reduced Asian economic prosperity, reducing its ability to import BC's resources for its manufacturing, reducing the income levels of those to regularly visit British Columbia, and finally their ability to emigrate to BC.

Moving to the Fraser Valley

This area has basically three zones: The "Lower Mainland", the more densely popularted area between Hope and Vancouver, The "Upper Fraser" between Hop and Lytton, which flows through a canyon with both the Trans-Canada Highway and the two trans-continental rail lines hugging the canyon walls, and then the Thompson River which runs east from Lytton toward Kamloops.

Real Estate development is spurred by high prices in Vancouver, but is constrained by the protection of agricultural land in the Lower Mainland area, not just to protect the farmers but to preserve the quality of life, and the favourable impact of open green spaces have on the area's ecology. Fraser Valley Neighbourhoods

Fraser Valley Community Map

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Fraser Valley Realtors, Home Builders, Mortgages & Movers

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Here are some of the Fraser Valley Home & Condo builders listed in the Moving In Canada directory:

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More info on MacLeod Bros Contracting Fraser Valley BuildersMacLeod Bros Contracting

MacLeod Bros Contracting offers quality services for all your renovation, maintenance and home building needs.

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More info on Going Green Builder Fraser Valley BuildersGoing Green Builder

Fraser Valley’s General Contractors, Home Restoration, Commercial and Residential Construction Development Company Going Green Builder is a residential and commercial construction company specializing in eco-friendly development. 

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More info on Re/Max Little Oak - Amy Buhler Fraser Valley RealtorsRe/Max Little Oak - Amy Buhler

Working in Abbotsford, Amy Buhler is a RE/MAX agent specializing in residential real estate. She loves meeting new people and helping them navigate through the complexities of the real estate process in order to realize their real estate dreams.

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More info on Sherman Foster - Real Estate Agents Fraser Valley RealtorsSherman Foster - Real Estate Agents

As a top real estate agent in Langley BC, I've work hard to build a solid relationship within my community. After 18 years I've earned many awards and prided myself of honesty as well as integrity.

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More info on Bob McLean Realtor- Landmark Realty Mission Ltd. Fraser Valley RealtorsBob McLean Realtor- Landmark Realty Mission Ltd.

What about Bob? If you would like to buy or sell real estate in the Fraser Valley, let Bob put his knowledge and experience to work for you! If you want results, call Bob today!

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More info on HappyHomesBC Fraser Valley RealtorsHappyHomesBC

We are Canadian REALTORS with innovative technology and unique RealEstate brand to serve our clients Get a TV tour to give your home exposure around the world or find your perfect home with our Buyer services: HappyHomes can change the world

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More info on Park Georgia Realtor - Lisa Hughes Fraser Valley RealtorsPark Georgia Realtor - Lisa Hughes

Fraser Valley Property Listings by Lisa Hughes Real Estate Agent for Park Georgia Realty in the Tri-City area. MLS® and MLS listings of residential homes in Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Langley, Surrey, Multiple Listings of British Columbia Canada.

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Here are some of the Fraser Valley mortgage lending and mortgage broker companies listed in the Moving In Canada directory:

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More info on Jamie Moi Mortgage Team Fraser Valley MortgagesJamie Moi Mortgage Team

Jamie Moi is an independent mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres West Coast Mortgages. She provides free mortgage services for property purchases, mortgage renewals and mortgage refinances.

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Here are some of the Fraser Valley moving & storage companies listed in the Moving In Canada directory:

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More info on Summit Moving & Storage Fraser Valley MoversSummit Moving & Storage

As local movers in Langley as well as the premier long distance moving company in the Fraser Valley area, we have the equipment, personnel, experience and management you need to have a successful move.

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More info on Alternate Moving Systems Fraser Valley MoversAlternate Moving Systems

Alternate specializes in local, long distance, and international relocation. Packing, unpacking, crating / container services and moving supplies. Piano movers, commercial & corporate relocations . Government approved facility with self storage.

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More info on Abbotsford Movers: Local Moving Services Fraser Valley MoversAbbotsford Movers: Local Moving Services

At Abbotsford Movers: Local Moving Services we put customer satisfaction first and other things come later.

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More info on BC Careful Movers Fraser Valley MoversBC Careful Movers

BC Careful Movers is a quality focused moving company offering moving services in Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford, White Rock, Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Vancouver and other surrounding areas in the province of British Columbia (BC).

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More info on Ferguson Moving & Storage Langely Fraser Valley MoversFerguson Moving & Storage Langely

Ferguson Moving & Storage has over 97 years experience, we're the longest running moving company in BC. We're the movers that friends & family recommend. With our "A+" BBB rating and "9.7" rating on Homestars, you know you can trust our team.

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Fraser Valley

Here are some of the great neighbourhoods you can move to in & around Fraser Valley

More Neighbourhoods...

Abbotsford, BC  (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)Abbotsford, BC (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)

BC: Abbotsford is about 70 km west of Vancouver, in the centre of the Fraser Valley and and offers great views of the mountains to the North and East.

More info...

Hope, BC  (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)Hope, BC (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)

BC: 150 km east of Vancouver, and is at the junction of the Trans-Canada Highway (\#1) Crowsnest Highway (#3), the Coquihalla (#5) and the Lougheed Highway (#7)

More info...

Mission, BC (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)Mission, BC (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)

BC: On the north bank of the Fraser River, 65 km east of Vancouver, with a downtown historical district.

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Maple Ridge, BC  (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)Maple Ridge, BC (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)

BC: The Maple Ridge community lies on the north shore of the Fraser River, east of the Pitt Meadows community of Haney and west of Hayward Lake, with a West Coast Express station .

More info...

Chilliwack, BC  (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)Chilliwack, BC (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)

BC: 100 km east of Vancouver on the Trans-Canada Highway, against the backdrop of the Cascade Mountain range, and 25 minutes from a major border crossing,

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More Fraser Valley Neighbourhoods

We have lots more neighbourhoods for you to explore and investigate...

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