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The Pitt Meadows community is a flat, largely agricultural region bounded by the Pitt River to the north and the Fraser River to the south. Though heavily diked, the area is still susceptible to seasonal flooding. To the north lies the Pitt Wildlife Management Area, which encompasses the largest tidal freshwater lake in North America. Ninety per cent of the area is farmland, the balance being residential property. This community also has one of the lowest residential property taxes in the Lower mainland. The West Coast Express station gives ready access to Vancouver, saving a horrendous commute. Pitt Meadows also has its own Municipal Hall Regional Airport. Pitt River Crossing along Lougheed Highway


Homes in Maple Ridge run $150,000-250,000 with condos costing typically $110,000-220,000.

Homes in the area tend to be small farmsteads, and older character homes and ranchers; There has recently been considerable townhouse development near the town centre.


The community has 24 elementary schools, four senior secondary and 3 independent schools in the Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows district. There is a special school for children with severe disabilities.


The are a has a fair number of strip malls, given its relatively low density, though there are three malls in Haney, on the west side of Maple Ridge.


The area has two fine Regional Parks and a Provincial Park. The dike system along the three rivers provides for great views of the mountains and water. Pitt Meadows has five lushly green golf courses.

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