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Mission  1Avenue Streetscape (Lougheed Highway)

Mission is a community of $32,000 people on the north bank of the Fraser River. It is connected to Vancouver 65 km away by the "Scenic 7" Loughheed Highway, as well as the Westcoast Express commuter rail connection, with 5 morning and afternoon trips every half hour, taking about 70 minutes. The community is old and established, with a downtown historical district, and the area's chief industry is related to the forestry and wood-processing industries.


Mission provides a range of housing including single family, condominiums and townhouses, with older homes in and around the downtown core. Homes tend to run around $155,000 with condominiums running $85,000. New homes overlooking downtown, north of Best Ave are running $185,000 to $250,000, while new developments in the College Heights and Cherry Ridge communities start at $185,000. Rental rates in the community range from $400-$700 for one-bedroom apartments and $700-$900 for townhouses.

Hayward lake ciew(Lougheed Highway)


The community is served by the Mission School District #75 (http://spock.sd75.mission.bc.ca/) which is responsible for 16 elementary, one secondary, and one alternative secondary school. The Fraser Valley College University (http://www.ucfv.bc.ca/) has a campus in the town.


There are three main shopping areas in Mission: Downtown, Lougheed Highway, and Mission Plaza.
The downtown core along first Ave & North Railway Ave has an abundance of independent retail stores, restaurants, and services, with a heritage walk for specialty stores featuring antiques and collectibles. West of downtown along the Lougheed Highway are a number of shopping plazas, fast food restaurants, and retail chain stores. The Mission Plaza area, between the railway tracks and the Fraser River waterfront, was the original Mission town centre, and is beginning a redevelopment plan.

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The Mission area is popular for water sports, including boating and fishing. There are many hiking trails through the municipal forest, and there is a 700 seat performing arts theatre

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