Moving TO CANADA: Cities, Neighbourhoods & buying a home!

Yaletown condos along waterfront in Vancouver
Owning a home is every family's Canadian Dream. Moving In Canada is designed to help people choose a neighbourhood (starting with the Choose a City list at right), then find a local realtor, home and mover, buy and sell your home, move your household, make the trip, and get settled in. We also have information to help you immigrate and move to Canada.

Steps for Planning your Move can help in all stages of your move in and around Canada!

  1. Explore a PROVINCE
  2. Zero-in on a CITY & NEIGHBOURHOOD
  3. Use the Local Search to find a REALTOR™, sell and shop for a home
  4. SELL your current home, BUY your your new home
  5. Use the Local Search to find a MOVER, plan your move
  6. Make the TRIP
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Americans Moving to Canada

While much of the media fuss about "How to Move to Canada" has been about Cape Breton (and hallelujah to them, for starting this meme) but the truth is that Americans moving to Canada since the 1960s, with Vietnam War era draft dodgers. Most Americans moving here prefer bigger cities, like Toronto and Vancouver, where there is access to typical urban features (like Starbuck's) and airports to the US and other parts of the world. We consider these factors in each of our communities and neighbourhoods. Best wishes on your MOVING TO CANADA decision!

Canada has MANY great cities with airports coast to coast, each of which have both charm and a great quality of life.


  1. We are a liberal democracy and we have a popular (and nice) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
  2. We've have great (and cheap) single-payer government run healthcare since 1965
  3. The following are all okay here (and have been, for years): gay marriage (we just call it "marriage"), abortion, medical marijuana, and Syrian refugees. And being nice is in our national character.
  4. If you speak another language , we respect you... and don't chase you off a plane or out of the country (Canadians speak over 250 different languages)
  5. Most American retail and service chains are here, so it will feel just like home
  6. Our unspoiled outdoors are close to all of our major cities (and sometimes right inside those cities)

Real Estate, Mortgage & Relocation News and Announcements

Here are the most recent news stories, some featured cities and neighbourhoods:

Real Estate & Mortgage News

Here are the most recent housing, real estate and mortgage stories posted for Moving In Canada:

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Home prices across Canada move toward affordability

(News Posted:12/19/2018)

Canada: 2018 Home prices in Canada... moves toward better affordability.
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Interest Rate rise expected in the US

(News Posted:12/19/2018)

Canada: if rates rise in US, expect them to follow in Canada...
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As Toronto’s housing market cools, Montreal posts record home sales

(News Posted:06/06/2017)

ON: In May, Montreal home sales were up 15 per cent from 2016, sparking concerns that Toronto’s new tax is creating a spillover effect to Canada’s second largest city.
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Housing Start up in January 2016

(News Posted:02/08/2017)

Canada: Canadian housing starts rose a further 0.5% in January to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 207,408, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation reported Wednesday, with data continuing to show a divergence between British Columbia and Ontario, where two of Canada's largest and most expensive markets are locat
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4 of Top 5 North American cities for quality of life are in Canada

(News Posted:03/24/2016)

Canada: Canadian cities have the best North America offers, according to Mercer's annual comparison of the quality of life of 430 locations around the world. In fact, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa finished ahead of all 17 American and 41 Asian cities ranked by Mercer.
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Foreign home buyers: How other countries limit money from abroad

(News Posted:03/08/2016)

BC/ON: It was revealed this week that the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is trying to keep tabs on foreign money in Canada's residential real estate market. The national housing agency has come under fire in recent years for a conspicuous lack of reliable data about the money coming from abroad and how it may be contributing to soaring home prices in cities like Vancouver and Toronto.
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CMHC revs up search for foreign flows into soaring housing markets

(News Posted:03/07/2016)

Canada: Canada’s housing agency, looking for new methods to track foreign ownership in the country’s soaring real estate markets, may tap money laundering police and classify international university students as foreign buyers, according to internal documents.
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Crooked mortgage Industry Participants: More Perspective

(News Posted:02/29/2016)

Canada: It’s been a tough nine months in the press for mortgage brokers. Off the top of my head, I can think of four headline stories of broker fraud in the major media, including one of the whoppers of all time, the Home Trust fiasco.
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Alberta Oilpatch: A Growing Minefield

(News Posted:02/25/2016)

Canada: As crude began a precipitous decline, putting oil-town Fort McMurray, Alberta, on the brink of depression, and homes there have lost one-fifth of their value. One of the most concerning alarm bells is Alberta’s surging unemployment rate, a historical precursor to defaults.

Pricey Canadian housing market to lift economic growth this year: Reuters poll

(News Posted:02/24/2016)

Canada: Canada's housing market will be a net contributor to economic growth in the coming year, impelled by rising prices, but become a drag soon after due to a slowdown in buying and high levels of household debt, a Reuters poll found
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Here are some of the 10 provinces (and 3 territories) to consider moving to in Canada:

Use the TOP MENU, which arranges the provinces west to east, and the 3 territories (up in the arctic) at the end:

Nova Scotia Overview, Cities, Communities and NeighbourhoodsNova Scotia Overview, Cities, Communities and Neighbourhoods

Moving to Nova Scotia, with Provincial information, and the cities, communities and neighbourhoods around the province

More info...

New Brunswick Overview, Cities, Communities and NeighbourhoodsNew Brunswick Overview, Cities, Communities and Neighbourhoods

Moving to New Brunswick , with Provincial information, and the cities, communities and neighbourhoods around the province

More info...

British Columbia Overview, Cities, Communities and NeighbourhoodsBritish Columbia Overview, Cities, Communities and Neighbourhoods

BC: Moving to or around British Columbia, with Provincial information, and the cities, communities and neighbourhoods around the province

More info...

Trans-Canada Highway Travelling ItinerariesTrans-Canada Highway Travelling Itineraries

This information is provided by our sister web site, the authoritative reference to travel along our national highways.

More info...

Alberta Overview, Cities, Communities and NeighbourhoodsAlberta Overview, Cities, Communities and Neighbourhoods

AB: Overview for moving to Alberta, with Provincial information, and the cities, communities and neighbourhoods around the province

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Featured Cities

Here are some of the cities & regions covered in Moving In Canada (of over 30 in total) from coast to coast:

St John's   Home NeighbourhoodsSt John^s Home Neighbourhoods

NL: St. John^s is the most easterly port and oldest City in North America (over 500 years old)

More info...

Halifax Home NeighbourhoodsHalifax Home Neighbourhoods

NS: Halifax is not only the largest city in Nova Scotia, and surrounded by water. It is known for its harbour, its universities, and its friendly people.

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Scarborough  Home NeighbourhoodsScarborough Home Neighbourhoods

ON: Scarborough lies east of the Don River, and is best know for the Rouge River parklands and the Toronto Zoo.

More info...

Okanagan Shuswaps Home NeighbourhoodsOkanagan Shuswaps Home Neighbourhoods

BC: Communities in the BC Interior including Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton and more

More info...

Mississauga Brampton  Home NeighbourhoodsMississauga Brampton Home Neighbourhoods

ON: Mississauga to the west of Pearson Airport, is the 6th largest and fastest growing major city in Canada, and Brampton is to the north

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Canadian Neighbourhoods

Here are some featured neighbourhoods across Canada. Explore the neigbhourhoods in & around them that you may want to live in.

We explore and discuss over 1600 neighbourhoods in the 30 communities and regions coast to coast on Moving In Canada:

Rosemont, Coventry Place (Regina neighbourhoods)Rosemont, Coventry Place (Regina neighbourhoods)

Sk: These communities are mostly small two-bedroom bungalows, suitable for young couples and retirees. The style is somewhat dated. The community is close-in to Regina, and particularly close to Regina Exhibition Park.

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South, Southlands, and West End (St JohnSouth, Southlands, and West End (St John's neighbourhoods)

NL: St John's between the Grand Concourse Walkways on both sides of Mundy Pond and Mount Pearl to the Sout

More info...

Abbotsford, BC  (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)Abbotsford, BC (Fraser Valley neighbourhood)

BC: Abbotsford is about 70 km west of Vancouver, in the centre of the Fraser Valley and and offers great views of the mountains to the North and East.

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Radium (BC Rockies neighbourhood)Radium (BC Rockies neighbourhood)

BC: Orifinally Sinclair Hot Springs, but renamed in 1915 due to high radioactivity in the spring water. opening the commercial Hot Springs

More info...

Summerland (Okanagan Neighbourhood)Summerland (Okanagan Neighbourhood)

BC: halfway between Kelowna and Penticton on the west shore of Okanagan Lake.

More info...

Economic Development Officers: Submit your community information

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Community Economic Development Offices: Pleased add your community profile to this website, via the Feedback Form, and we will be in touch with you.

Submissions should include information equivalent to the info we have written for other communities and neighbourhoods, and include these headings:

  • Overview (history, transportation, industries),
  • Shopping (key malls and shopping districts in-town and nearby),
  • Schools (K-12, libraries, post secondary access),
  • Recreation (competitive sports, participatory sports, arts, other attractions),
  • Homes (types and ratios, rough price ranges). Include key town web links (city hall, tourism office, economic development agency) as a URL without any HTML coding.

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