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Dawson City homes

WHY MOVE to Yukon?

This was the location of the 1890s Yukon Gold Rush, and is still a very rugged place to live, but this territory has road access to the rest of Canada. Most of the population is close to the capital of Whitehorse.

Yukon Territory's Location

The Yukon Territory in Canada's northwest corner, bordered on the south by British Columbia, on the west by the American state of Alaska and on the east by the Northwest Territories and covers 483,450 square kilometres (see Territorial Map). Located above the Arctic Circle, the Yukon is known as "the land of the midnight sun" because for three months in summer, daylight is almost continuous. In the winter, however, darkness sets in and the light of day is not seen for a quarter of the year.

The largest city in the Yukon is Whitehorse, the territorial capital.

Yukon Territory's History

Dempster Highway, heading north

Yukon was the first area in Canada to be settled by people, as the ancestors of the Amerindians migrated from Asia over the Bering Strait 10,000 to 25,000 years ago. The first European explorers were Russians who traveled along the coast in the 1700s and traded with the Indians. American traders arrived after the 1867 Russian sale of Alaska to the United States. When gold was discovered near Dawson City in 1896, the region's population was the greatest in northwestern Canada. In 1898, the Yukon Territory was officially established to ensure Canadian jurisdiction. When gold reserves dwindled in the early 1900s, so did population growth. Yukon Territory's Economy Donjek Glacier in Kluane National Park

Yukon Territory's People

Today 31,000 people live in the Yukon with 60 percent of them in Whitehorse, Yukon's capital city.

Aboriginal peoples making up about a quarter of the population. The Yukon's vast interior forests were long occupied by the Athapaskans, who have six distinct groups: Kutchin, Han, Tutchone, Inland Tlingit, Kaska and Tagish.

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